Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 2

This week we read the book, "The Little Rabbit" by Phoebe Dunn. 

It was a challenging one for our little group to sit through, perhaps because it had lots of words on each page and not a lot of action!:) What made the week successful, however, was the fact that we got to see and touch real rabbits. Everyone thought they wanted to hold the bunnies but when it came down to it, that was a little scary for them. Instead, our Busy Bees contented themselves with lots of touching, brushing, petting, and feeding the bunnies.

We compared pictures of real bunnies to illustrations. We also compared stuffed bunnies to the read deal. We talked about baby animals vs. the babies we have at home (briefly). We bounced around like bunnies as well as imitating other animals when we were tired of sitting on the carpet!

Singing time continued to be a favorite activity. The kids love "Scat the Cat", "Bubblegum", and "Mr. Rooster" and quickly taught the mommies how the songs should go.

They spent time doing some pre-writing skills-- tracing over their names in large print and tracing wavy lines. We colored the letter A and a picture of a rabbit. We made fuzzy bunny tails out of cotton balls and had a brief geography lesson on the United States, looking at the states where our Busy Bees have grandparents. We talked about healthy habits and colored our lovely velvet posters reminding us of how to be healthy! Additionally, we worked hard this week at learning how to be in preschool, how to interact in a group setting, and how to take turns.

I am excited to see how much our Busy Bees learn and grow over the course of the year. I think we will look back on these early weeks and marvel at how far they have come.

P.S. Sorry to Megan and Christine, but I apparently focused too much on the girls with my camera. It won't happen again-- I hope:) The boys just don't seem to demand as much attention!

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