Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 3

What a great week!  We read the book Ask Mr. Bear by Marjorie Flack. 

The kids loved it!  They loved the idea of birthday's.  What 3 year old doesn't?  We played memory, guessing which animal suggested which gift Danny should give his mother for her birthday.  Danny ends up talking to Mr. Bear in the woods who suggests he gives his Mom a "bear hug" for her birthday.  They practiced giving "bear hugs" to one another.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and each blew out their own candle on their mini cupcake.

We went outside and practiced trotting, skipping, galloping and running just like the animals in the book.  They also traced each other with chalk and crawled through the tunnel where they made up and pretended a bear was hiding.

They made greeting cards for someone they love, perhaps someone who was having a birthday.  It was fun to see their different ideas and how artistic they are.  We also practiced cutting out animals and things we would find in the woods....and I learned quickly that cutting at this age was a crazy idea! :)

Singing was once again a favorite among our Busy Bees.  They quickly learned the words and actions to "The Cool Bear Hunt" and loved especially "swimming through the peanut butter river" and finally meeting the "bear in the cave."  So cute.  Watching them dance to "Rock & Roll Freeze" did not disappoint.

Our Busy Bees at their finest....

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  1. I love this update and a chance to get a glimpse at what they did. Bronwen is having such a great time at Busy Bees-- but they are busy, aren't they?