Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weeks 7 & 8

The flu bug swept through our little preschool attacking the moms and siblings too. :( So our weeks have been shortened here and there.

I was excited to host again as I hadn't seen the kiddos in action since September. I was amazed to see that our busy bees weren't as busy as before! They were far more engaged in the activities and could participate in them for much longer. It is wonderful to see that they are progressing.

I noticed this also in their social development. Sharing different paints colors as we painted pumpkins? No big deal. Taking turns pulling each other in the wagon? Easy. Here, Evan lifts a tree branch so the girls could pass. Teamwork. They are getting it!

This week we read Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field. What a beautifully illustrated story with a tender message. I particularly loved one line from the book, "Bless our father and our mother and keep us close to one another." This story was a great lead in to our week before Thanksgiving as we were able to have a brief discussion on prayer, what is consists of, being grateful and kind and drawing close to our families.

Afterwords we looked at the story Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson in preparation for some letter writing practice. We looked at the first few letters (A, B, C, D) tracing over them with our fingers on the page and then trying to write them in the air with our fingers. Then it was off to the tables where we tried to write these letters in shaving cream. Though this seemed to be a little above their skill level, the exposure and practice was great. Of course everyone also enjoyed the "ickiness" of the shaving cream, except Lincoln. I can't blame him.

We also sorted shapes by color and put on puppet shows.

A fun week and a great feeling to be back on track!

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